Product and Our Focus

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Zinexts Life Science Corp.

Created in 2011, we are experienced and knowledgeable in developing, manufacturing and commercializing advanced laboratory solutions for diagnosis, research and lifesciences purposes. With its simplicity, reliability and cost effectivity, our products are ideal for small to medium sized laboratories in any kind of industry.

Our Products

We bring to the market, automated and innovative instruments and reagent kits for Nucleic Acid purification and analysis preparation. With MagPurix®, ZiXpress-32®, ZiPrep®, and a wide range of purification kits to isolate high quality nucleic acids quickly and effortless in 3 steps: Sample preparation, Nucleic Acid isolation and Sample collection.

Our Promise

At Zinexts Life Science, we guarantee high quality samples for any downstream application. We support scientific workflows allowing users to save time and effort by removing processing steps and manual errors, helping our business partner to build-up their perfect Analysis & Detection assortments in Oncology, Pathogen Detection and Molecular Diagnosis.

Our Network

We are globally present, welcoming all Distributors, Investors, Diagnostic and Research partner willing to join our network. Zinexts Life Science will support your projects to grow your business. Learn more about us & our products, and contact us via For collaborations, OEM/ODM projects and other demands, contact us via