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UPC (The ultra- pulse capacitor)
UPC, owing to its extremely fast rise time (<5 micro seconds), high energy density (up to 5Wh/Kg) and high power density (0.5MW/Kg), has found many applications for any high pulsed power battery as well as the hybrid battery. Essentially we make the 5V,12V and 18V as building blocks for the battery applications.
5V 6mF 12V 3.5mF

Military Battery

Military demand for the battery packs covers a very wide range of power requirements from very high energy
and low power to very low energy and high power. There are many applications require both high power and energy.

The following products are just examples for the military applications:

(1) The 6T and 12T batteries of 12V, 100Ah, 12V, 150Ah and 24V, 60Ah Li-ion battery packs for the US Army Tank
      Command which demands both high
 power and energy.
(2) The Nave air battery of 24V, 10Ah Li-ion battery packs which emphasize only high pulse power.
(3) The grid energy storage of 12V, 105Ah and 12V, 255Ah hybrid batteries for the installment at military facility.
Military Battery
24V 10Ah 24V 30Ah 12V 100Ah 12V 120Ah
CA: 200A CA: 600A CA: 1,800A CA: 2,000A

Booster Battery

The booster battery comprises two key components- UPC and Li-ion battery. When booster battery is put in conjunction (in parallel  connection) with Lead-acid battery, it will substantially improve the service life and also will enhance its efficiency.
Booster Battery
Vehicle  Truck, Bus, Boat
12V 2.5Ah 24V 5Ah
Hybrid Battery

The Hybrid battery consists of both booster battery and Lead-acid battery in one package which is intended to replace any Lead-acid battery with much longer service life, efficiency and the performance.
Hybrid battery
Speed car Solar energy storage system
12V 200Ah 12V 250Ah
Intrinsic Safe Battery

The intrinsic safe battery is a Li-ion battery for mine communication application which had been certified by MSHA.
Mine Safety Battery
7.2V 10Ah3

Genset and Other Emergency UPS Battery

These batteries are all made of LiFePO4 with the addition of UPC. They possess very high pulse power to ensure that the    Genset engine to be started in less than one second.
UPS Battery
Genset Elevator Heavy Duty
24V 25Ah 12V 60Ah 24V 75Ah
CA: 1,000A CA: 2,400A CA: 3,000A ; CA:480A
Intelligent Battery Packs

These battery packs are all made of Li-ions plus UPC and are accessible by either computer or smart phone.
Intelligent Battery Packs
Robot  Electric Vehicle,Yacht  Communication tower UPS 
24V 10Ah 24V 50Ah 48V 50Ah
CA: 200A CA: 1,000A CA: 500A ; CA: 480A

Battery Packs for Low Energy EV

Most of the battery packs are made of hybrid battery with much lower cost in comparison to Li-ion battery.
Low Energy EV Battery Packs
Garden Car, Golf Car Mini Car Middle Bus Air port Apron Bus
48V 150Ah 72V 200Ah 360V 250Ah 380V 250Ah

Battery Packs for pulse power Applications

Li-ion battery with high pulse power offers many advantages over the conventional Lead-acid, Ni-Cad and Ni-MH batteries in terms of weight and volume.
Start Battery
Mower, Small engine Vehicle, Engine, Machine Heavy duty Vehicle, Engine, Machine
12V 2.5Ah 12V 20Ah 24V 30Ah
CA: 120A CA: 960A CA: 1,400A

Li-ion battery for Power tools

All the power tool batteries are made of high pulse power Li-ion cells and UPC. The ample torques of the impact driver
and impact wrench are particu
larly suitable for professional trade.
Power Tools Li-ion Battery
Truck, Bus, High Torque 
Impact Wrench
Impact Wrench
Impact Driver Impact Drill Mini Drill Nail Gun
18V 5Ah 16.8V 3Ah 16.8V 3Ah 12V 3Ah 3.6V 1.5Ah 3.6V 3Ah

Electric Fork Lift Battery 

Due to price constrain, the hybrid battery is by far the most popular choice for the electric fork lift applications.
Electric Fork Lift
48V 250Ah

Other ODM Miscellaneous Li-ion Battery Packs
ODM Miscellaneous Li-ion Battery Packs
High Energy Power Bank Truck Trail, Container-Back    
Camera Battery Module
5V 4Ah 12V 2.5Ah