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Production information
80R2 | 80R4 | 80R6 Series Planar Transformer

Forward Active Clamp Topology  
Highest Efficiency attributable to Planar Design. 
Aggressive Interleave by design results in lowest achievable Leakage Inductance.
Multilayer PCB optimization for lowest AC resistance and Proximity Effect . 
Wide variety of Turns Ratios in stock but not shown in Table.
Contact Us   for Module Design and SM Assembly of all component for DC-DC Converter

Table I: Reference Design DC1292A based " Off-Line" Input Voltage Range 150-420
Champs PN Vin (Min) Vin (Max) Vout Io
80R2-5AC-3125002-1M2 150 420 5 30.0
80R2-12AC-3124005-1M2 180 400 12 16.7
80R2-15AC-3115006-1M2 180 400 15 12.5
80R2-24AC-3124010CT-1M2 150 400 24 10
80R2-24AC-3206CT-1M2 300 400 24 10
80R2-28AC-3222008 180 400 28 10
80R2-30AC-3208-1M2 300 400 30 8
80R2-24AC-3124010CT-1M2 300 400 57 3.0


® Linear Technology Inc
1. Consult Linear Tech Ref Design BOM and Schematic for exact device as specified for use by Linear in that Reference
2. In all cases Champs Technologies makes no representation as to suitability of the Reference Design itself as that is the
design responsibility and Intellectual Property of Linear Technology.
3. Champs Technologies responsibility is limited to the use of its component as described in the Data Sheet and any
warranty express or implied is limited to component replacement if found defective.
1. Options supplied as discrete component or integrated into a complete DC-DC Converter Module:
2. Surface Mount Discrete Component Design (as per above Data Sheets). 
3. Discrete Component Implemented in Pad-to-Pad Mounting.
4. Component implemented as Half-Embedded Design + SM Assembly of all components required of DC-DC Converter. 
5. Implemented as a Fully Embedded Design + SM Assembly of all components required of DC-DC Converter.
6. SMT Component Assembly of PCB Including Planar Magnetics Inclusive of Converter Testing. Volume capacity
100K per month.